Mission Blogs 2014

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Arousa Naqvi

“We were able to learn skills and carry out tasks that we had never done before.”

Navid Tariq

 “The whole Mission Possible programme gave me an insight into how an NGO operates when delivering its projects”

Leenah Juwle

“This was the perfect stepping stone for me to base my outlook on work and life on”

Shaid Parveen

“The project transcends geography, politics, people of faith and no faith, with the aim of making a positive change”

Shareen Juwle

“I feel that I have helped to educate others but have learnt a lot about myself, regarding patience, the true meaning of charity”

Tahina Aktar

“If you want to challenge yourself, well then Mission Possible allows people like you and me the chance to be inspired, motivated and educated on the realities of poverty”

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