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Toyris's Latest Projects

  • Walk for Water - Team Cake

    At the end of March, we will be doing a 5 mile sponsored walk to help raise money to provide water hand pumps to poor communities in developing countries. Each hand pump is only £150. Please donate whatever amount you can to help us reach...

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  • Be A Hero - Orphan Sponsorship Appeal

    Help us raise £480 to ensure an orphan child in the Middle East is sponsored for the new year. Your donation will help provide food, water, shelter, new clothes, education, the love, care and support that they truly deserve and so much...

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  • Water Hand Pump for Little Taha

    AsSalaamu Alaikum  Please make a donation on behalf of little Taha who responded to an e-mail from Islamic Help saying that he's unable to donate, we want to surprise him with a hand pump in his name :)

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  • £150 Water Hand Pump

    AsSalaamu Alaikum All. Did you know that for just £150 we can collectively provide water to a small community in Bangladesh? Lets collectivetly give whatever we can to ensure we meet this target and help as many people as possible....

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  • Eid Gifts for Syrian Refugee Children

    AsSalaamu Alaikum,  please help us provide Eid Gifts to Syrian children who are currently living in Jordan. At this special time of year, let us try and bring some joy to their lives after all the hardship they have faced.  Each gift...

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  • Completed

    Rohingya Events: Hope n mic and Steak and Cake

    Money donated on this page has been raised offline at Hope n Mic and at the Steak & Cake event. The money will be going towards the rohingya Emergency Appeal.

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  • Toy's Run 4 Gaza Completed

    Toy's Run 4 Gaza

    AsSalaamu alaikum,  I'm doing a 5k run to raise funds for Gaza. The money will be used to build a water plant for the largest hospital in Gaza because they're currently using sea water. PLEASE DONATE I NEED THE SUPPORT!

    15 people helped

  • Gaza Water Plant - £200 A Share

    AsSalaamu Alaikum,  we're building our second water plant in Gaza, this one is specifically for Al-Shifa Hospital, it's the largest hospital in Gaza treating more than 400,000 patients every year. Currently its water supply is basically...

    13 people helped