Umrah for Orphans 2020
This unique and special programme sends Palestinian orphans on the blessed journey to Makkah for Umrah.
Single Donation
Monthly Donation
600 Just once
Offer an orphan the opportunity to perform Umrah.
Sponsor 1 orphan for umrah
900 Just once
This donation will sponsor a disabled child to perform Umrah.
Sponsor a Disabled Child
1200 Just once
Give the opportunity for an orphan and also a widow to perform Umrah
Sponsor orphan and widow
60 Month
10 payments of £60 can send an orphan to perform Umrah
Sponsor 1 orphan for umrah
90 Month
10 payments of £90 will sponsor a disabled child to perform Umrah.
Sponsor a Disabled Child
120 Month
10 payments of £120 can help an orphan and widow perform Umrah.
Sponsor orphan and widow

An Overview

Umrah for Orphans is a pioneering aspect of our orphans and childcare programmes which care for thousands of vulnerable children across the world. As well as their material needs, it’s essential - especially for disenfranchised Palestinian children - to provide for their psycho-social development and their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

Journey of a lifetime

For each Palestinian orphan we take on Umrah, it is the journey of a lifetime and the realisation of their families’ prayers. Already struggling against adversity, many never thought a pilgrimage to the heart of Islam would come true. For nearly all of the orphans, it is the first time they will venture to another country. Umrah is a journey of emotion, tears, spirituality, a strengthening of faith and confirmation that they are part of a global family.

Your support

Umrah for Orphans started in 2015 with two dozen Palestinian orphans travelling from Jordan to Makkah. Since then, your incredible support has allowed us to take hundreds of Palestinian orphans – boys, girls, disabled – from Jordan and Al Quds (Jerusalem) to Makkah and Madinah shareef every year. Your support meets all the costs of the pilgrimage. In return we provide photos and video feedback, while the orphans dedicate duas during Umrah for their sponsor

Islamic Help's results
What's happened so far.

Thanks to your generosity, nearly 2,700 Palestinian orphans from Jordan and Al Quds have been on the blessed pilgrimage since the 2015 launch of Umrah for Orphans.

429 Orphans performed Umrah Feb 2020
2700 Orphans completed Umrah
400 Aim for 2020
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Offer an orphan the opportunity to perform Umrah this year.

Give the opportunity for an orphan and also a widow to perform Umrah.

Give several orphans the opportunity to make the journey of a lifetime.
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For £600, you can change a Palestinian orphan’s life by helping them to go on Umrah. Please help us make this dream come true for even more Palestinian orphans. Sponsor a Palestinian orphan for Umrah for Orphans.

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