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Trek For Eco Home

Salaams. Thank you for visiting this page. Before you leave please do read as to why I am doing this below and please please contribute in any way possible. Thank you.

In order to raise money for an orphans Eco Home I pledged as Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of my uncle Haji M. Ali who passed away on 24/06/2015 during the month of Ramadan, we have arranged the following treks:

Sahara Trek 2016 [03.04.2016]

Ben Nevis Trek 2016 [23.07.2016]

There are 313 shares of the Orphans Eco-Home, each worth £192, please donate whatever you can. I am looking to raise as many shares to reach this target.

Be part of the 313 who will either donate or raise £192 to help me build an Orphans Eco-Home in Tanzania. Let this eco-home for orphans be a legacy that you help leave behind which benefits you in the hereafter, for every orphan child that sleeps, eats, drinks, pryas, studies and lives in the home you help build, you will be rewarded for.

Donate today and make this a reality for an orphan child.

You can watch a documentary about the Orphans Eco-Village and Eco-Homes here:

You can read an information pack about the Orphans Eco-Village here:

If you would like to fundraise for this project please set up an iHelp Give page for yourself and select the 313 Legacy campaign or contact for more information.

Please share this page and encourage others to donate as well.

More Information About The Orphans Eco-Home

With its emphasis on sustainability and almost total reliance on green energy, the Children’s Eco Village will be truly innovative and self-sustaining.

Set in 30 acres of lush green surroundings just outside the capital Dar es Salam, our Eco Village - when completed - will feature 16 homes, a sports ground, a playground, an Eco Mosque, a community centre, a library, a training centre and a permaculture farm.

The Eco Village where the Eco-Home are situated ultimately aims to:

- Facilitate the children's growth in an empathic family setting that they need
- Provide a secure base for their physical, psychological and emotional growth
- Ensure their attendance at elementary school and support them to excel to higher standards
- Help the children acquire economic survival skills necessary for a productive life as an adult
- Provide holistic community-based care that supports them into becoming socially integrated adults in society.

"'The Eco Village that Islamic Help is building just outside Dar es Salam is an innovative and ground-breaking project that will provide security and stability to the most vulnerable in our society. This is an exciting venture and I applaud Islamic Help for its foresight and vision. Insha'Allah it will be a model village for others to emulate".

His Excellency, former President of Tanzania (1985-1995) H.E Al Haj Ally Hassan Mwinyi
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313 legacy

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