Providing Clean Water

In 2017, an exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar led to 1.3 million refugees arriving in neighbouring Bangladesh. Islamic Help responded with immediate emergency aid, followed by the implementation of longer term programmes. At the heart of these was the provision of clean and safe water for drinking and domestic use. Three water tankers serve 6,000 people in refugee camps every day, but we need your support to keep them running.

Immeasurable Benefits

Your support provides clean water, sanitation and hygiene for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees every month. The water, pumped from the ground at three water stations we installed to meet the ongoing need, is distributed by three tankers – each delivering 30k litres a day – to a network of nearly three dozen water tanks throughout the refugee camps. Not only will you be providing a life-giving resource but with it are immeasurable health benefits.

At the Heart of Serving

With your donations, we can continue providing clean water for thousands of Rohingya refugee families. Our three tankers serve 180k people per month and each costs at least £1,500 to £2,000 a month to keep it running – the equivalent of just over one pence per refugee every month. The tankers are at the heart of our WASH programmes for refugees which also include hand pumps, toilets, washrooms and solar powered wells, all of which serve 360k refugees.