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Typhoon Haiyan – Islamc Help was on the ground soon after the largest storm ever to hit the Philippines destroyed houses and affected 14 million people in 2013

With winds of up to 300mph, the storm caused mass destruction when it swept across the islands on the weekend of November 8-9, 2013. More than 6,300 people died, 4 million were displaced and 1 million homes destroyed leaving 2 million people homeless. Many of those affected were already among the neediest and their lives were devastated by Haiyan, leaving them even more in dire need of food, clean drinking water, medical supplies and shelter.

Emergency relief: In the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, an Islamic Help emergency team provided clean drinking water and set up water distribution points in Cebu and Tacloban, helping 90,000 individuals in some of the worst-hit disaster zones. With debris having contaminated wells that were the main supply of water for many communities, we distributed 2.8 million aqua tabs which people could drop into bottles to purify the water and make it clean to drink.

Al Najashi Village: As part of a long term recovery programme, we have launched two major housing projects just outside Kalibo, on the island of Aklan. The first is Al Najashi Village which involves the building of 11 new homes, extensive repairs and renovation of four others and the construction of a new community centre. Work is due to be fully complete by the end of 2014. With many locals having lost their livelihoods due to the typhoon, they were employed on the Al Najashi project – named after a Christian emperor who provided shelter to Muslims - to give them a source of income.

Noor Allah Village: The second and main element of our building programme, Noor Allah Village will see the construction of 99 family homes, permanent concrete structures built to last and to international standards, that will be home to hundreds of people. The specifications will be similar to the Al Najashi homes - two bedrooms, a living/kitchen area, bathroom facilities plus electricity and plumbing. Plans have also been drawn up for a mosque and library which will become focal points at the heart of this new community. Noor Allah Village will be financed partly by the Al-Muhaidib Group of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Help.

Recorded Achievement

Our Al Najashi and Noor Allah villages mean nearly 600 people left homeless by Typhoon Haiyan can look forward to moving into permanent, secure housing giving them long term security and shelter.  

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