Islamic Help

Tonight is the 27th night of Ramadan and this could be Laylat ul Qadr, a night which Allah says in the Qur’an is worth more than a thousand months!

Good deeds done on Laylat ul Qadr are rewarded as if they have been done repeatedly for more than a thousand months. Do not miss this opportunity to donate on one of the most blessed nights of the year. We need your help to sponsor 1,000 orphans from around the world for the year, to send Palestinian orphans to perform Umrah and to build new water stations in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, to help provide families with clean, safe drinking water. DONATE NOW! Once you’ve donated, please encourage 5 more people to also donate.

You can sponsor Orphans in Africa and Asia for £360. The countries include Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir, Tanzania, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Rohingya Refugees and also Bosnia.

You can sponsor Orphans in the Middle East for £480. The countries include Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), Palestinian Refugee Orphans in Jordan, Syrian Refugee Orphans in Jordan and Yemen. 

To sponsor a child from these specific countries, please mention the country in the notes section during the donation process. Alternatively, please allow us to assign a child from the most needed area. 

We also sponsor disabled children in Jordan, Gaza, Bangladesh and Pakistan.