Winter Aid Distribution To 30k Syrian Refugees

6 th December, 2017

More than 30,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon have received emergency aid in a series of distributions as part of our Winter Emergency campaign. The aid ranged from family food packs to clothing; shoes for children; wood, kerosene and gas cylinders, and bread for families.

Part of the work was carried out with our partners GER and resulted in 1,892 refugee families in Jordan and Lebanon receiving food, clothing, fuel and bread. Islamic Help also carried out distributions in the Beka and Arqa refugee camps in Lebanon for the benefit of more than 5,600 families.

The winter aid distributions were carried out in the last fortnight and included:

Mafraq, Jordan
500 items of clothes for 100 families; shoes for 100 children; Wood (40kg for each family) as fuel for 100 families; 20kg gas cylinders to 67 families; bread for 400 families with each receiving 2kg.

Food packs for 150 families; 525 clothing items for 105 families; shoes for 100 children; 30 litres of kerosene to each of 170 families; bread (2kg each) for 750 families.

While those distributions were carried out in conjunction with our partners, Islamic Help teams provided 28,000 clothing items to more than 5,600 families (approx. 28,000 individuals) at the Beka and Arqa camps in Lebanon. The size of the task involved three distributions over the course of a week.

Every year Islamic Help’s supporters provide emergency winter aid to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Our Emergency Winter campaign this year is focused on Syrian and Palestinian refugees; Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh; orphans in Pakistan and vulnerable families in Gaza.

As thousands of families face the prospect of trying to survive in freezing temperatures without food, water, clothing or shelter, we need your support to provide them with those necessities.

Our teams are on the ground, distributing these vital and much-needed essentials.

Please support our Winter Emergency Appeal and help people in need across the world. Donate here.



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