Why We Should Be Celebrating Happiness

8 th August, 2017

What makes you happy? Whether it is coming home to your family at the end of the day or even just something as simple as having a chat with one of your close friends, it is the small joys that can improve our lives for the better.

However, in the world today, sadly there is much negativity and unhappiness. It is important to do what we can to improve the quality of life for people who are suffering across the world, sharing our own good fortune and helping to spread a little happiness. By paying our Zakat, we are able to assist those who are most in need, doing our bit to create an equal future for all.

Aspire to Greater Happiness

Happiness is infectious; a state of being that can directly influence many other areas of our lives as well as the people around us. When someone is having a good day, everyone around them will instantly feel cheered up by the smile on their face!

For that reason, it is important to dedicate some set time out of your busy schedule to do the things that make you happy. Even just a small amount of time each week can do wonders for boosting your overall mood and even your health. After all, positivity can lead to other traits like generosity and kindness, resulting in a happy lifestyle for you and the people around you.

Helping Those Around Us

It is important to celebrate happiness and work to embrace the positive influences in our own lives, not least for the many benefits that happiness can bring. The celebration of happiness is essential because it reminds us of all the good in the world, something which is always vital, especially with things as they are today.

In order to do our bit and contribute towards creating a brighter future for everyone, we must sit back and take stock of the quality of our lives. To truly allow happiness into our lives, it is essential to weed out the negativity and focus on the positives. Family, friends and faith are always going to be strong pillars of reliability and positivity in our lives, yet we must endeavour to do what we can to assist those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

By completing our duties, paying our Zakatand generously donating our time and money to assist those who are in need, we can help to bring the positivity of happiness to people both in our communities and elsewhere across the world. 



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