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Three Ways Islamic Help is Reaching Out

25 th March, 2015

Here at Islamic Help, we make the delivery of aid and programmes one of our priorities, as well as maintaining a ‘words into action’ approach in all that we do. Equally, we believe it is important to reach out and expand our current portfolio of campaigns and projects, volunteers and donors. We do so through a number of methods, including those listed below.

Creating Campaign Awareness

While carrying out work in developing countries and providing relief aid, we keep in mind the importance of actively creating campaign awareness. This isn’t just to encourage people to donate; it is also to bring in more volunteers, as well as make people aware of the current situation in such countries.

We create campaign awareness not only through our blog and website, but also by hosting events and visiting higher education facilities, such as Markfield University. By spreading the word, finding new donors and providing people with the opportunity to join us, our campaigns can continue to support those in need.


As mentioned, everyone is welcome to join us in the work we carry out in developing and poorer countries. This opens the doors for greater development while ensuring those in need are provided for. The dedication shown by our volunteers is second to none and their donation of time is well and truly recognised.

It’s fair to say that past volunteers and donors have helped our campaigns to grow, and future supporters will allow us to continue our work.Click here and support us in making the world a safer, better place.

Sharing Successes

On top of these points, Islamic Help also shares milestones with everyone through social media, our talks and, of course, our blog. By sharing successes and informing readers and fans of our work, we can continue to raise awareness and work towards development in different regions of the world.

So, if you are interested in donating to a good cause, such as the Syria Crisis or you’d like to join our team of volunteers, please browse our site to find exactly what you need. For specific queries, or to find out more about us as a charity, feel free to get in touch.

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