Supporting Mothers to Aid Our Children

17 th August, 2017

The continuing conflict in Syria has led to many issues for local people whose lives have been torn apart by the events of recent years. Unfortunately, the Syria crisis is still ongoing, meaning that these people’s lives remain in turmoil.

As a result of the conflict, families have been torn apart, communities destroyed, homes and possessions lost and children orphaned. Many local people have committed themselves to a life lived on the road, constantly on the move in search of a better life in a safe area free from conflict. Refugee camps have sprung up across the region, housing families, orphans and individuals who have lost everything they once held dear.

The Impact of the Syria Crisis

However, although life is hard for all of those affected, some of the hardest hit are pregnant women and mothers with babies and young children. Without constant, reliable access to a good quality healthcare system and a strong support network in place, these vulnerable women struggle to look after themselves and their children.

Medicine and medical supplies are absolutely essential – not just for the birth itself, but for aftercare for both the mother and her newborn. From clean blankets to sterile medical equipment, sometimes even the most basic supplies cannot be sourced in makeshift refugee camps. In addition, because of the Syria crisis, there is a severe shortage of doctors and trained medical personnel on hand to help these women. Without doctors, hospitals and medical equipment, many refugee women face the frightening prospect of giving birth alone.

Islamic Help’s Birth Campaign

That is the reason why we are committed to making life as easy as possible for these women. Through our Birth Campaign, we are continually working to reach out to as many new mothers in the region as possible. With help and donations from our generous supporters, we work to provide new and expecting mothers with the supplies and amenities they need to guarantee a safe birth. Including hospital fees, the cost of aftercare and necessities such as food, clothing, blankets and health-related items, our supplies aim to help mothers guarantee a secure future for their children.

After all, our children are our future, which is why it is vital to ensure they are placed on a path to success from as early an age as possible. Children deserve our help and support, which is why we continually do our best to provide this.

Support our Birth Campaign and help us to reach out to even more mothers whose lives have been affected by the Syria crisis. 



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