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Successful Fundraising Tips

5 th March, 2015

Organising a fundraising event is a brilliant way to raise the means to help those in serious need of our support. Actions like this are crucial in providing relief aid to some of the most vulnerable regions of the world.

There are millions of people today that depend on relief aid in order to survive. The Syria crisis alone has left millions of people homeless, without shelter and with a bleak future. Gaza and Myanmar are a few more examples of this. Fundraising efforts ensure that campaigns like these continue to function and deliver aid to their intended recipients.

A lot of people tend to contribute financially to a good cause. There are some people who prefer to take on a leadership role in ensuring campaigns reach their goals. Many aid agencies offer programmes to support these people and Islamic Help’s iHelp Give is an amazing example of this. It provides people with the ability to set up their own fundraising project that correlates with their existing relief aid campaigns. It’s like having multiple people creating awareness and collecting donations for the same campaign in their own diverse way. It adds legitimacy to the cause for others, broadens the audience, and results in more interest from people who are likely to get involved.

In order to successfully host a fundraising event, you need to promote it properly first. The logic behind it is simple. If people are not aware of a gathering, they won’t attend it. The whole idea is to spread the word and get people involved. Putting up posters, leaving notes on message boards and distributing leaflets throughout the neighbourhood are a few ways to promote your event.

Social media is also an excellent platform to boost and encourage further interest. Facebook and Twitter are extremely handy tools for event promotion. They reach more people in a reasonably short amount of time. Participating in groups that have a similar view is also an excellent strategy. It progressively increases the number of attendees.

Reaching as many people as possible is one thing, but reaching the right people is another. Inform people who share a passion for charity work and those who would like to get involved as volunteers. You’ll find that you are effectively promoting the campaign, its recognition, and furthering its success. Start by creating an event on Facebook and invite all of your friends.

On the actual day of the event, ensure you begin your campaign with a strong, inspiring welcome speech. Your statement should be bold, include your aims and objectives, your plan and what you are looking to accomplish. Tell your guests how and where their donations will be utilised and don’t forget to thank them for their time at the end.

To conclude, the aim of Islamic Help’s iHelp Give is to inspire people and encourage them to initiate and host their own fundraising events, in order to raise further awareness.

If you are passionate about a campaign, you too can raise funds and ensure that you do your part in making it successful. Browse Islamic Help’s website and look at our list of campaigns today. There is a lot of work to be done; there are many opportunities that could use your time and expertise. Work with us and help us to inspire people to make a significant difference today.