Spread a Little Warmth this Winter

26 th December, 2016

For many of us, winter means being comfortable in our homes with the fire blazing, heating on, and blankets at the ready, but for refugees in Syria and Palestine, it is a completely different story, a whole other world.

For them, winter brings cold, harsh, winter nights spent in open-air tents; lack of warm clothing and blankets and a huge deficiency in the vital nourishment needed to sustain any form of physical energy. For many in developing countries, the living conditions are difficult enough already without having the threat of the cold, harsh winter looming over them.  

Hence, preparation is vital to responding to such climate change; winter in developing countries can be as extreme as temperatures falling below freezing, and with no real means of keeping warm, this results in many thousands of refugees having to face the bitter cold without the adequate resources needed to survive.

Islamic Help has now launched its Emergency Winter Appeal, so join us in helping many thousands of those Syrian and Palestinian orphans and refugees in keeping warm this winter.

Winter Warmer Packs

A winter warmer pack contains essentials such as winter blankets, insulated and thick items of clothing, accessories such as scarves and gloves, and many other much-needed heat provisions.

It doesn’t just stop there, you could also contribute towards a family winter warmer pack, which can provide refugee families with heat generating resources such as gas burners, heaters and firewood along with the basic necessities such as warm clothing and footwear, accessories and blankets.

If you would like to show your support and donate a winter warmer pack with Islamic Help, click here.

So, whilst we’re cosying up to the fireplace on our comfy sofa, let’s spare a thought for those who are about to face the bitter, cold season with little or nothing to keep them warm.

Together, by attempting to donate as many winter warmer packs to as many refugees as we can, we can help give hundreds of families the means to get through the next few months with some of the basic daily comforts we have come to take for granted.

With your support and time, we can achieve this; make a huge difference and donate with Islamic Help today.



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