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Sadia attends school

4 th October, 2014

For a child, the loss of a parent not only brings new pressures and strains on the family but can shatter their young dreams. For Sadia, the dream was of going to school with other youngsters, making new friends and learning about the world around her.

The death of her father, Liton Choudhury, when she was just six years-old and later the family’s migration to Dhaka which meant the loss of a year’s education all seem to conspire against her. Her father’s death left her mother, Mrs Sahera Khatun, having to bear the burden of not only being the breadwinner but caring for the household. As a garment worker, her monthly income of about £30 was barely enough to meet their basic needs, so any chance of an education – which brought with it extra costs for uniforms, travel, stationery etc – for Sadia seemed non-existent.

However, being brought into Islamic Help’s orphan sponsorship programme in 2009 presented a new opportunity. It meant Sadia got the chance she always craved, the generosity of her sponsor allowing her family to meet the extra costs of schooling and easing their financial burden. Sadia’s dream is bearing fruit. She took her Primary School Certificate (PSC) examination, achieved an A+ and started getting a government stipend. 

“Thank you very much for the support; I still need your help. Please continue with the sponsorship which has given me this great chance of an education and the chance to improve my life and my family’s.” Sadia

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