Rohingya Live Appeal

1 st June, 2018

Islamic Help has aquired a large piece of land in Bangladesh and has permission from the authorities to build 1,000 homes for the Rohingya refugee families. During the live appeal on Friday 1st June, you’ll be able to donate towards a furnished Rohingya home for only £450 providing a family with comfort, shelter, safety and security. Protecting them from the harsh sun and the heavy rain and providing them some dignity and privacy, a place to call home.

You can also sponsor a Rohingya orphan child for £360, this will help provide them with the security and guardianship that they need now that they are alone after fleeing the attrocities that they witnessed in Myanmar. 

Thanks to your generous donations, we already have 3 fully functioning water stations which pump out 20,000 litres of water each day for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. However this is not enough to meet the demand of the Rohingya community as thousands are still without access to basic water supplies. You can help us build a 4th water plant by donating £1,000 for a share in the water plant. Each water plant only costs £50,000

To date, we’ve distributed enough food packs to benefit over 80,000 people and over 300,000 cooked meals. The demand for food is there all year round, you can donate 5 Ramadan Food Packs for £150. To make a donation please visit 



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