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Ramadan Today. Get Ready, Get Tech. Go!

30th June, 2015

It is a well-known fact that technology has taken over the world. In this day and age, we tend to rely heavily on gadgets and technology in order to do anything and everything.
Notebooks, iPhones, iPads, smartphones and countless other gadgets designed specifically to suit our day to day needs, comfort, and convenience; the list is endless! There is constantly a new invention in the making, aiming to be even better and more proficient than the last.
So, for you technology lovers, why not make the most of what is widely available and get ultra tech-savvy this Ramadan? Make the most of the technology the world has to offer and get a Ramadan app to make things a lot more convenient. Not only that, we have already done a little research of our own and put together some ideas for apps you could check out.
Head this way for a more productive and organised Ramadan this year! -->
Ramadan 2015
Today, there is so much information for the current year that can give you a more detailed understanding of what you need to know this Ramadan, with timetables detailing fast opening times, prayer times, particular dates to remember and so on.

As many of you know, there are quite a few Dua apps available for us to use. How about a specific Ramadan Dua app? All the beneficial Dua’s, which are often recited during Ramadan, in one place!

Are you interested in the history of Ramadan? Refer to your smartphone! It can reveal how Ramadan began, the significance of fasting, the Five Pillars of Islam and so on. You could gain some valuable knowledge this Ramadan.

We all know Ramadan is a month for prayers and recitation, and sometimes it’s difficult to break away from our daily habits of watching TV and the like. Try reading Islamic stories; there is always something we didn’t already know, and you know what they say, “you learn something new every day”!
Ramadan for Beginners

Brothers and sisters who are seeking Islam and would like to research into the basics can benefit from the world of beginner apps too. There are also many of us that don’t know absolutely everything we need to know about the Principles of Ramadan. Whatever you need to know, beginner apps are an ideal place to start.
Ramadan Tracker

Keeping track is just one theme that seems to be growing popular when it comes to apps today. Whether you would like to keep track of fasts or even qaza (missed) fasts, charity donations, fitrana contributions, reminders, prayers, Dua’s to recite or even meals to cook, this could be key to a more organised and productive you this Ramadan.
Qur’an Apps

There are many apps available with the recitation of the Qur’an, a lot of them with translation. We always tend to check our phones for the latest updates, text messages and social feeds, so why not read and recite some Quranic verses too? This is also ultra-handy to have whilst you are on the go. What a blessing!
Ramadan Recipes

If you wanted to try experimenting with different foods this Ramadan, from quick, easy meals to recipes you may never have even tried but always wanted to, recipe apps would be perfect. You may even find an app where you can share your own personal recipes with everyone else. Download a Ramadan Recipe app and the world may well be your oyster.
Health and Ramadan

For tips to stay healthy and maintain your wellbeing this Ramadan, download an app! With various apps available at the click of a button; what’s to lose (apart from those few extra pounds)? There are even apps to help with diabetes whilst fasting.
Calorie Counter Apps

Ever wondered how and why you have put on weight during Ramadan? This could be down to a number of reasons; the times you are eating, the types of food you are eating or not eating or possibly even the amount you are eating. Keep track of what you consume with a calorie counter or food tracker. You can then see what it is you are be lacking in and where you might be going wrong and incorporate that into your next meal.
Ramadan for Kids

There is  a wealth of apps available to keep children busy and inspired during Ramadan. Apps that could help them learn more about Islam, activity apps based on Ramadan, information on the basic principles of Ramadan, stories on what Ramadan is; the list is endless! The primary benefit of these types of apps is they keep the little ones busy and entertained whilst they gain valuable knowledge too.  
Wallpaper / Greetings App

For those all-important Ramadan greeting texts / picture messages, Ramadan quotes to inspire, and not to forget Eid greetings too! Back in the day, it used to be cards or written text messages. Today, it’s an array of e-cards, picture messages and cyber-quotes. See what we mean about technology taking over the world?
Cartoon / Educational Apps

A child’s brain is like a sponge; it soaks and absorbs information at an alarmingly fast rate. For the youngsters, start them learning about Ramadan early in order to prepare them for when they do begin fasting. There are many cartoon and animation apps to capture their interest whilst they learn too.
So there you have it! There are so many different apps you can benefit from during Ramadan, but we would be here forever so we have highlighted a handful. Have a browse through your app store; there are many different free apps available for iOS, Android, Windows users, etc.
Not that much of a techie geek? Are you trying to think of ways to keep them busy this Ramadan and perhaps want to do it the “old school” way instead of relying on today’s technology?
Why not roll up those sleeves, think of a fundraising idea through Islamic Help, and get people to sponsor you! Of course, this can be done online, but who’s to say you can’t promote your fundraiser within your community, locally or even nationally?
Motivate the family, your friends, your workplace and even the public. Inspire them to join in, volunteer, help fundraise and spread the word. Charity has an even greater reward during Ramadan, so what better way to celebrate than to get others involved and reap the rewards – so to speak? Make Ramadan 2015 a proactive one, inspire and encourage people to take part and/or contribute. For more information on fundraising, visit Islamic Help’s newly designed website today.