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Peace, Perfect Peace.

19 th October, 2015

Wouldn’t a world full of peace be just what you’ve always dreamt of?

How many people ask for world peace in their daily prayers? How many of us watch the news in silence and in awe of how selfish the world has actually become? How many of us scope Facebook and social media sites to see and be disgusted at what is happening all over the world?

In fact, how many of us actively share such information and genuinely want to help those innocent people who need our help?

You can help!

Support Islamic Help in its mission to ensure some level of peace and sanity is restored in this world by joining one of its many good causes and campaigns.

If we all united and took a single step towards helping someone in need, we would be well on our way to healing the world of its problems.

21st September 2015 brought the International Day of Peace, which is a day dedicated to restoring peace among nations. And while the day might have passed, you can still play your part in promoting world peace by supporting one of Islamic Help’s many campaigns, below:

  • iHelp Give: Set up your own unique fundraising appeal and promote it on Islamic Help’s website.
  • Orphan Sponsorship: Due to various major conflicts and emergencies across the world, there are thousands of orphans in need of sponsorship today.
  • Childcare: Ensure the next generation and the world’s future are nurtured and cared for by ensuring sufficient childcare and education is provided to those in need.
  • Sustainable Livelihood: Promote sustainable living and give someone hope for a future by donating to their today, as well as their future.
  • Water Pumps: Water is a basic necessity in life. Lack of water and hygiene is one of the biggest factors of death in poverty-stricken countries. Ensure a continuous supply of clean, fresh water; something we take for granted.

Not only this, but there are so many different campaigns you can help with. See the Islamic Help website for more information. And don’t forget, even volunteering is a form of sadqa jariyah (charity).

Make your move in ensuring world peace today. Contact Islamic Help for more information now.