Our Birth Clinic Helps Hundreds of Syrian Refugee Babies To Be Born Safely

29 th December, 2017

Hundreds of babies have been born safely to Syrian refugee mothers thanks to your overwhelming support for our Birth Clinic in Jordan. The clinic was set up in Irbid to help refugee mothers at a time when authorities had restricted refugees access to health services, leaving them facing even more struggles while already in dire circumstances.

In the 2016-17 financial year, the care provided by the clinic helped 220 refugee mothers give birth safely. In the three months from August to October this year – the latest period for which full figures are available – another 100 babies have arrived in this world healthy and sound.

During these 3 months, it also treated another 706 patients of which 621 were seen as part of follow-up appointments in obstetrics and gynaecology (that is, pregnant women) and 85 others were general and paediatric patients.

As well as Syrian refugees, the facility has started caring for some Palestinian refugees and is providing basic medical services and more specialised care for some patients who might need frequent visits, like mothers who are diabetic or suffer from hypertension. 

The Birth campaign aims to help expecting refugee mothers by paying for the delivery costs; providing ante-natal and post-natal care, and nutritional support to pregnant women and essential nutrition to malnourished new-borns. All of this aims to help save the lives of, and ensure the well-being of, pregnant refugees, mothers and new-borns.

The clinic acts as a focal point of services to Syrian pregnant women, mothers and babies. From initial check-ups to determine the expected date of delivery, it links them to partner medical service providers for deliveries.

It is fully furnished with access to the latest medical equipment, features a maternity ward, a paediatric ward, an emergency room, a dentist’s room and a reception area and waiting halls for patients. The fully qualified medical staff include a gynaecologist and paediatric doctor along with a nurse and a lab technician plus service personnel (all women).

The Birth campaign is providing hope for Syrian refugee mothers who would otherwise have little or no help at one of the most critical times in their lives. Your support has seen hundreds of new lives arrive safely in this world.

We can only carry on this work with your continuing support, so please donate to our Birth campaign here.



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