Obedience is a Lesson Taught

17 th August, 2017

Throughout our lives, we are taught that obedience is something that we should all work to strive towards. Whether it is something as simple as listening to our parents or guardians or through observing our faith, the importance of obedience should not be overlooked.

Of course, not everyone will understand why obedience is so essential. Young children can be taught to value this virtue, yet not all children have access to an education or even a caring adult to look after them. Sponsoring a child can help to begin repairing that all-important support network, yet orphans and disadvantaged young people across the world can often find themselves struggling, losing the way without that vital guidance that they are missing out on.

The Value of Sponsoring a Child

Young people must learn about the virtue of obedience in order to ensure that they fully understand the importance of their faith and everything that they believe in. After all, obedience is a lesson that we are constantly taught each and every day as we strive to become better people. For that reason, it is vital to observe, listen to others and work to develop our own thoughts, ideas and views independently.

Obedience is the stepping stone to greater understanding, both in our personal and private lives. When in the company of friends, family or loved ones, we naturally show our respect and appreciation for the people who matter most to us. However, by paying our dues and showing respect to strangers, other members of our community and those who are less fortunate than ourselves, we begin to open ourselves up to greater levels of compassion and empathy.

Understanding the Keys to Happiness

One of the keys to happiness and leading a successful life is to stay positive – a trait which is often difficult and rarely straightforward, but one which is indisputably rewarding.

In order to achieve this, we must work to put as great a level of importance on the needs of others as we would on our own. After all, showing that we care for others is vital in all aspects of our daily lives, not least when it is our duty to look after the younger generation.

This is why, here at Islamic Help, we are fully committed to fulfilling our duties through our child sponsorship campaigns. Sponsoring a child is an incredibly gratifying method of helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Help us to spread the reward of our own good fortune and share a little happiness with vulnerable children and young people across the world.



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