My First Ramadan – Part 4 – Final

19 th July, 2015

Previously, in My First Ramadan, Fatema finalises her plan.

Read on for the final part of Fatema’s First Ramadan…

After what felt like a very short time, it was the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr – which meant the last fast for the month of Ramadan. This was going to be a very exciting day for me. I hoped.

Over the course of the month, I had been glued to the computer in the library during lunchtimes at school. I had some answers to my questions. A small monthly contribution could provide food, shelter, healthcare and much more for an orphan. It was called sponsoring an orphan.

We could help these orphans, they weren’t alone. There was a way!

After performing our prayers that evening, and just after iftar, I reached under the table for my money tin and placed it on the table. My heart was beating so fast with excitement. Mum and Dad looked at each other and then at me. I cleared my throat and took a deep breath.

“Fatema, what is…?”

“Mum, Dad… these are my savings. In total, I have £70 and I would like to give this to the orphan children so they can have everything as well, like me. All Ramadan I have been thinking about how it would be if I didn’t have you both, or if I didn’t have such a comfortable bed, or warm clothes or food and drink every day. I have everything I need, and this money could give somebody else everything they also need, even if it is just for a few months. I don’t need anything at all. Besides, Jannah (Heaven) sounds pretty awesome, right?”

There, I’d said it. I took a deep breath. I hoped they wouldn’t be angry with me.

Mum looked like she was about to cry. Oh no! What had I done!

“Fatema… “

I braced myself.

“… That is such a beautiful thing to do. We are so proud of you! You have grown into such a thoughtful and considerate young lady; May Allah SWT reward you greatly for your generosity this Ramadan.”

Whoa! I thought they were going to be angry at me. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and smiled.

“Thank you Mum, thank you Dad. That means a lot to me. May I be excused, please?” They nodded and I made my way upstairs.

I got myself ready for the final night before Eid and we made our way to Mosque. I felt so at peace. The moon sighting was confirmed and Eid-ul-Fitr (celebration after Ramadan) was set for the following day. We got home quite late and I went upstairs to get changed into my pyjamas. I was allowed to stay up late that night as it was the night of Eid.

When I got downstairs, mum and dad were sitting in the living room, looking a bit shifty.

“Mum, Dad, what’s wrong?”

They smiled.

“We are both so proud you have completed your first Ramadan. We have a little present for you”.

Oooh! A present! What was it? I looked around, I couldn’t see anything wrapped or anything.

I turned back to look at them and Dad was holding my money tin. He handed it to me.

“We have decided to match your donation for the orphans. We pray that inshallah (God willing) you get even more blessings in this lifetime and the hereafter. Nanny has said she will also contribute towards your savings and we will all help you in finding out how to send it.”

My heart stopped. Wow! This was so much more than I had dreamt of! How many orphans would that help? I was so excited! What an amazing Ramadan.

That was almost 20 years ago… I will never forget my first Ramadan. It is the year I finally grew up.

I found so much satisfaction in helping others. I went on to volunteering in my local community to help make a difference, and assisted in organising fundraisers and events.

We are not yet where we need to be but Alhamdulillah we are not where we used to be…

Thank you Fatema, for sharing your beautiful and inspiring experience with us.

This Ramadan, let’s unite and aim to help those children in need of our support. Sponsor an orphan this Ramadan with Islamic Help.



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