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My First Ramadan – Part 3

2 nd July, 2015

Previously, in My First Ramadan, Fatema realised there was, in fact, something she could do to help.

Read on for part 3 of Fatema’s experience…

I ran upstairs and got into bed. I reached under my bed and pulled out the pink notepad and pen Nanny had bought me for my birthday. I drew the blanket over my head and switched on my book light.

I had so many questions running through my mind. How much would I need to donate? What would that amount provide for an orphan? How long would they be able to eat for? What about their health? Do they have homes? And do I even have enough money to contribute?

Now, I knew I had saved some of my pocket money in that little tin above my wardrobe. Sometimes Dad would give me 50p extra or even £1 if he was in a good mood! Mum would make me save it in the tin. But I couldn’t reach the tin or risk getting out of bed just now; because Mum and Dad would hear me, so I began writing down my plan…

The next morning, Mum woke me up for Suhoor; just like she had done the day before. I felt so energised and motivated. The day followed in pretty much the same way as the day before, but I don’t remember feeling hungry or tired. I was full of energy! When I got home from school, I went upstairs to get changed. Afterwards, I quietly pulled up a chair to my wardrobe and reached up to get my pocket money tin. I tipped it slowly on the bed, careful so as not to let Mum and Dad hear.

Wow! There were a lot of 50p pieces in here! I counted out all the change along with the £10 note Nanny had given me as a gift for passing my spelling exam at school. I had £54.00 altogether! I slowly put all the money back in the tin and quickly went downstairs to help Mum in the kitchen.

The rest of Ramadan went by in a whirlwind of fasting, praying and attending Mosque, along with school and tonnes of homework. I was getting quite used to the routine and almost didn’t even miss watching TV! Every Sunday, Dad would give me my £4 pocket money, which I would then put straight into my tin, telling him I was saving for something very special. This only confused Mum and Dad even more. Hah! My plan was working! I couldn’t wait to tell them.

What is Fatema planning? Stay posted and look out for part 4 of her story. Coming soon…

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