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9 th February, 2017

The current crisis in Syria is one which has been at the forefront of global news since 2011. Since the initial violence, residents of the country have had to endure six years of conflict – and there seems to be no solution on the horizon anytime soon. It’s pretty safe to say that the country is at breaking point. The Syrian people are desperate, being forced out of their homes and even their country by the escalating conflict.

To date, more than 250,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting. It first began with a series of anti-government protests and disagreements, before escalating and becoming a civil war. The people of Syria have had no way to avoid getting caught up in the conflict, as battles rage on between those loyal to the government and those who oppose the current government.

Bearing all this in mind, it is easy to see how completely normal life has been turned upside down for the Syrian people. Their homes and cities have been totally destroyed in the fighting, causing many Syrians to be left with no choice but to flee the country as refugees. And make no mistake, life as a refugee is certainly not easy. Many refugees are on the move, searching for a better lifestyle, equipped with only the meagre possessions they are able to carry. Many lack the basic supplies needed to survive, such as food and drink, warm clothes, and tents. Families are split up; distressed orphans have to face the terrifying journey alone.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

At the last count, it is estimated that an average of eleven million Syrians are currently on the run. To put that figure into perspective, that is nearly half of the country’s pre-war population that have either been forced out of their homes or have been killed as a result of the conflict. Approximately five million refugees have been forced to seek safety in neighbouring countries and more than six million displaced people remain in Syria. Plus, the UN estimates that 13.5 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance within the country.

Syria’s civil war has resulted in the current situation becoming the biggest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. That is why, here at Islamic Help, we consider it our duty to provide Syria aid to those in need through our refugee appeal campaigns.

There are many ways in which you can help us donate to Syrian refugees – assistance doesn’t just have to come in the form of monetary support. Our refugee appeal aims to improve the quality of life for Syrians who are fleeing their homes in search of a better life elsewhere. However, we simply can’t continue to sustain our support for these people without your help.

One of the ways that you can help us to provide much-needed aid and assistance to Syrians is by fulfilling Zakat. As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, Zakat is of vital importance, an obligation commanded by Allah SWT. Every able man and woman of sufficient means are required to pay 2.5% of their profitable wealth to those less fortunate than themselves each year, either in the form of goods or money. Zakat allows us to share the benefits of our own good fortune with others, purifying our hearts while simultaneously helping out our neighbours.

You can use our Zakat calculator to work out your Zakat, then simply join our refugee appeal and donate to Syrian refugees to provide much-needed aid and relief to those who are most in need of our help.

Syria Aid Emergency Appeal

One of Islamic Help’s biggest ongoing current campaigns is our emergency Syria aid appeal. Six years of conflict and hostilities have resulted in a life full of hardships for the population of Syria. Many people have become homeless and displaced, with a mass exodus of refugees out of Syria and into neighbouring countries still ongoing as more and more people are forced to flee the places where they have lived for all of their lives.

However, it’s not just refugees who have escaped to other countries that need our help, as the numbers of people suffering within Syria itself are also continuing to grow. At present, the conflict is showing no signs of easing, and conditions for people trapped by the crisis are only getting worse as time goes on.

Donate to Syrian refugees via our emergency Syria aid appeal, and help us to provide vital supplies and provisions to these people. Our emergency campaign aims to help as many people as possible. To date, your support has enabled us to send emergency aid to trapped children and families in besieged towns, distribute a lifeline in the form of food parcels to starving refugees, provide Ramadan aid and Eid clothing to Syrian men and women, and much more besides.

Winter Refugee Appeal

You may not realise it, but winter in Syria and the Middle East can be a very harsh, difficult time. Freezing temperatures, strong winds, rain and even snow are commonplace; transforming the Syrian landscape into a desperate struggle to survive for refugees fleeing their homeland.

Our winter refugee appeal aims to provide aid to displaced people across Syria and Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, using your support to send vital winter warmer packs. These winter warmer packs contain seasonal essentials such as blankets, warm clothing, and gas canisters or firewood to support orphans and refugee families; to provide them with emergency relief in the cold weather.

Syria Birth Campaign

Another one of our Syria aid campaigns focuses on supporting Syrian mothers and babies through Islamic Help’s Birth campaign. The campaign was set up to provide financial and medical support to new and expectant Syrian refugee mothers, as well as sending essential supplies to help the mothers and their children.

Having a baby is a worrying, stressful experience at the best of times, but for Syrian refugees, things are only exemplified by the poor conditions and lack of proper medical supplies and personnel. Out of necessity, many Syrian women have no choice but to give birth in tents with no medical supplies to hand, resulting in the life of both mother and baby being placed in danger.

We use your generous support to provide expectant refugee mothers with everything that they need for a safe birth. Our Syria Birth campaign covers hospital costs as well as providing essential aftercare items such as food, baby clothes, and sanitary products.

Donate to Syrian Refugees

Donate to Syrian refugees and help us to provide a better future for these people. They need our help, but without your charitable support, we are unable to reach the refugees and displaced individuals who are most in need of our assistance.

Join Islamic Help’s refugee appeal – together we can provide aid to those people whose lives have been affected by the conflict and work towards a brighter future. 



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