Islamic Help Winter Appeal

24 th October, 2017

As the cold season fast approaches and we reach for our warm coats, scarves and gloves, hot water bottles and various other home comforts, we should cast our minds to those around us who are not as fortunate and aren’t able to keep themselves as warm and nourished as us.

Aside from all the emergency appeals and people facing poverty in developing countries across the world, we often tend to forget those who are facing difficulty on our very own doorstep. There are many millions of people suffering from poverty, lack of food, clothing and shelter and warmth – not to mention loneliness – in the UK  today – and many of those suffering are our elderly members of the community.  

Our annual Winter Appeal is back and this year, as ever, we are on a mission to ensure that we help as many people around the world, and right here in the UK, as we possibly can.

The Winter Appeal – Far and Wide

With your support, Islamic Help aims to continue helping the many millions of people across the world suffering from famine during the colder months with its annual Winter Appeal.

Indeed, it is important to remember that as well as those people suffering in many countries worldwide, there are also people that need our support right here, in the United Kingdom.

Help Needed Closer to Home

Every year, your support helps us to continue in this commitment to aid those less fortunate within the UK. We aim to help as many as we can in need of our help, regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnicity.

Your ongoing support can help us to maintain this ambition by contributing towards the distribution of food hampers to the many that are malnourished, vulnerable, elderly and those suffering from isolation and loneliness.

Many factors such as old age, loneliness, lack of income, reduced mobility, health issues and lack of family support can contribute to the rise of malnourishment, unwarranted ailments and a life faced alone for many right here in the UK. Many of these people may not have the sufficient income to resort to central heating during the colder snap and as a result, can become seriously ill.

However, together, we can change that.

Donate towards our Winter Appeal and assist Islamic Help in supporting the many vulnerable brothers and sisters in the UK to get through the cold winter months by providing sufficient shelter, warm clothing, food hampers and much more.

Simply click here to donate online, or, for more information, call a member of our team today on 012 1446 5682.



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