Islamic Help

International Day of Charity

22 nd August, 2015

Poverty continues to exist in many different areas of the world today, be it due to the economy, lack of basic function in some areas, or the impact of wars between countries. The fact remains, though, that there are millions
of people out there in need of our help.

Parallel to the devoted volunteers and supporters at, every charity’s aim is to help solve world poverty and bring the world to a more peaceful state.

It is this generosity that helps go some way in actually making this world a better place.

Everyone has an aim in life; a goal, a focus. Islamic Help’s mission is to combat poverty all over the world, in terms of hunger, water, shelter, education, emergency aid relief, pushing development in disadvantaged countries and so much more. It is with the support of your donations and generosity, your time and your commitment that
Islamic Help can achieve these goals.

The International Day of Charity falls on 5th September.

Islamic Help invites and encourages you to observe this day in a charitable way. Organise a fundraiser, volunteer your time, take part in Mission Possible or just donate towards a good cause. Take this opportunity to reflect on the things we take for granted, which some people do not have. Celebrate the unity in your community, and promote the growth of another community who needs your combined support.

You can even create your own page on the iHelp Give section of Islamic Help’s newly designed website, and encourage donations and sponsors towards your chosen cause.

There are endless ways and opportunities to actively raise charity all around us if we all unite and put our minds and combined strength into it. Together, with such power, what could possibly be beyond our reach?
May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts and generosity in the hereafter.  Ameen.

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