How Eco-Friendly Measures are Helping Communities in Africa

27 th January, 2015

Eco-friendly measures come with immense benefits and features. However, for certain areas, these benefits are quantified many times over. Africa is one of the key regions to benefit from eco-fundraising and eco-friendly living from Eco-friendly measures. The idea behind eco-friendly actions in developing countries is simple. To promote a healthy living; to educate people about the benefits of being conscious of the environment and most importantly, how they can use natural resources to their advantage and make a living.

The Eco Village by Islamic Help is a good example of this. The Eco Village is the first one of its kind, and it has made headlines in the region. More and more people and aid organizations are undertaking similar projects because they realize the potential of such projects. For those who are not familiar, the Eco Village by Islamic Help is a self-sustaining project that utilizes natural energy sources to provide shelter, food and other benefits to its residents. The entire village runs on solar energy with solar panels mounted everywhere. They are instrumental in providing sufficient lighting at night. Water is pumped into the village using water pumping stations. They run on electricity as well so there is very little fossil fuel utilization.

Produce and vegetables are grown through eco-friendly agriculture methods which are taught to the locals. Farms and landscapes are properly irrigated through a natural irrigation system with rain-safe countermeasures in place. These and several other factors work together to create a healthy living environment for the locals that requires very little outside aid. It is projects like these that are capturing the attention and appreciation of the people.

Eco-friendly projects like Eco-Village have been influential on inspiring people, especially those who are poor and have to make do with what is given to them. Before, they used to look forward to food rations every week. Now they are working in the fields, looking after their farms, tending to their poultry, growing fruits and vegetables and providing for their families. More projects like this will create hubs of communities that will not need to rely on outside aid anymore to sustain life. This would be a tremendous victory not just for the region but for the aid agencies working there as well. An aid packet can go so far.  A life-sustaining solution is permanent.

More and more communities have reached out to Ecovillage in an effort to learn the finer ropes of eco-friendly agriculture and landscaping. They want to take this knowledge back home to their villages and implement the same measures. People over there have the desire to provide for their families. They are motivated not to become a part of a statistic. They want to do something that can help their communities.  The Eco-friendly bug has caught on in Africa, and it will continue to expand in different parts of the continent. Ultimately, it will lead to a stronger, healthier and an environmentally conscious, Africa. Pop over to Islamic Help today and learn how you can make a difference with a donation now!



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