Fleeing Syria: The Constant Struggle

6 th January, 2015

The recent and current crisis in Syria has resulted in over 20 million people being left in need of help and support. An estimated 20% of these people have found safety in a neighbouring country. However, this figure does not fully reflect the number of people that have died during the crisis to date.

The constant daily struggle for these people and comprehending what is left of their homes, lives, children and family, beggars belief.

Imagine if someone was to ask you the simple question “If you had to leave your home and end up on a desert island, and you could only take one belonging to you, what would you take?”

The harsh reality for these refugees is that they did not have the luxury of choosing even one item. Most of them had no choice of what to take as it was all destroyed. Imagine the home you created for your children and family being destroyed in a split second, through no apparent fault of your own?

Most of us would be livid; these civilians still have the patience to remain humble and seek acceptance from neighbouring countries, while risking their lives and the lives of their children along the way.

Amongst us “silver spoon-fed, sofa surfing, news watchers”, many of us try to avoid reading articles on Syria and other countries under conflict. Our reasons for this being that it hurts too much to know what is happening, and it’s depressing; ignorance is bliss.

It is time to wake up, people! This is happening to human beings just like you and me! This isn’t just happening on the television and in the media; it is a harsh reality for people in Syria and around the world. Who is to say this wouldn’t be us tomorrow?

We may find ourselves sitting with status today but our identity could be taken away from us tomorrow. It is imperative to educate ourselves about what is happening around us by taking a practical approach to helping to resolve, or at the very least, decrease these statistics, instead of wasting precious time trying to dispute and debate them, or, even worse, avoid them.

You are the solution. If every single person reading this article were to help, then we would be well on our way to helping a vast majority of these fellow human beings on their way to rebuilding their lives and regaining a semblance of normality. It is extremely difficult being in an alien environment away from their everyday lives, and they are now reliant on our help and your help. Click here to see how you can help othewr less fortunate than you! 

While we need to ensure the physical well-being of these people, to a certain extent we fail to realise the degree of emotional damage that they are suffering from as a result of losing their lives and their loved ones. Not only are they dealing with poverty and hunger, but they are also dealing with their emotional pain that has resulted from this conflict.

The very least us fellow human beings can do is help them with the necessities, such as sanitation, clean water, shelter, warmth, clothing, medical care, nourishment and hygiene.

While one person alone may not be able to change the world; together, there is no stopping what we can achieve.

Restore faith in humanity and contact www.islamichelp.org.uk today to see how you can be a part of the solution.



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