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Earth Day 2015 What Can We Do For The World?

17 th April, 2015

Earth Day
 is on 22nd April. Not only does the concept behind Earth Day fit the green narrative so popular today, but it offers everyone the perfect opportunity to do something that makes a real difference.
There is so much commentary surrounding issues like the state of the environment, humanitarian relief and how to secure a sustainable future. As a result, we have an increased awareness of the world around us, which has paved the way for environmental and humanitarian campaigns of every kind.
Here at Islamic Help we spend a lot of time and effort working on campaigns that benefit the environment, as well as communities across the globe. Our eco fundraising is just as important as the work we do developing communities and supporting children in need. By ensuring there is a safe and sustainable environment, with plenty of protected natural resources and minimal pollution, we are better able to provide for and support people in need of our help.
Over the decades, Earth Day has been a catalyst for seriously influential initiatives concerning everything, from environmental conditions and global warming, to bringing farms, businesses and communities together, as well as current focal points like recycling and clean energy. Shining a spotlight on Earth-related issues every April means we can educate people and prompt them to do more in order to make a difference.
But how? How will volunteering your time or donating financially to one of our causes make a difference?
Well, the good news is, there are many ways you can help us make a difference. To give you just a few examples though, we’ve taken some inspiration from Michael Jackson’s aptly named Earth Song. He asks the right questions, and we give answers below.
What about sunrise? What about rain?
In the UK, the weather is something we moan about constantly…just for fun. In the grand scheme of things though, the weather is a huge deal, and even a slight change in the delicate balance of the atmosphere can have detrimental and long-lasting effects.
Air and water pollution, increased weather extremes like droughts and floods, higher rainfall, and risk from tropical storms are arguably all products of global warming and environmental factors. As such, it is vital that we work to reduce the risks facing the world, its atmosphere and its weather. Even small changes like recycling and reducing your home’s carbon footprint can make a big difference.

What about flowering fields?

Part of our work focuses on the need for and the importance of sustainable farming. Communities the world over rely on their ability to grow crops, either to trade for other supplies or to feed themselves. This is not only essential to their health and wellbeing, but also to their independence. Being able to farm their own land and grow their own crops enables people to take charge of their situation, develop and support themselves.

Flowering fields may be nice, but fields full of enough food to feed hundreds can change the world. Teaching valuable farming and business skills, as well as bringing businesses, farmers and their communities together is the most reliable way for communities to thrive.

Earth Day highlights the link between farming, business and community, so it is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the initiatives that support sustainable farming and communities around the world.

What have we done to the world?

Last but not least, we need to ask ourselves what have we done with the world? This is not an easy question, and coming up with a definitive answer is no easier.

As a species, in short, we have abused the world. Too many regions have bled their natural resources dry, and cities everywhere waste energy needlessly as they continue to pump out all kinds of pollution. We seem to have taken the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” too literally. Using up every tree, every mineral and every scrap of open land is not a healthy way of life and will leave future generations paying the price.

So, for Earth Day 2015, take a step back and think about the ways that we take the world for granted, then start coming up with ways to fix the damage we have already done. Naturally, we can’t undo everything we’ve done to the world, but we can start to make amends.

After all, if you don’t protect the world in its fragile state, how will you ever change it? Making the world a better place means making sure it is clean, healthy and sustainable. Once you’ve laid those basic environmental foundations, the sky’s the limit.

So start your world-changing journey with Islamic Help this April. Make small green changes, commit to a planet-and-people-friendly cause, and help raise awareness this Earth Day.

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