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Do You Limit Your Challenges or Challenge Your Limits?

10 th August, 2015

Which of these categories do you think you fall into?

  • You’re always ready and raring to go, and up for any challenge that comes your way. Adventurous and creative, you are always trying to conjure up new ideas to keep you and your friends busy. You love the limelight and are not afraid to speak your mind. You’re a fidgety person that’s constantly full of beans.
  • Afraid to try new things, you are the least spontaneous person you know. Your idea of adventure is a stroll in the park, and you’re afraid of heights (And the dark. And water. And spiders. And snakes. And pretty much anything that moves!). In fact, you’re afraid of most things. Confrontation is your worst nightmare; you would rather blend in with the crowd (and perhaps, the furniture).

Any of the above apply to you? Well… Islamic Help has a real challenge for you either way! We challenge you to take part in one of our events in order to help raise funds towards a good cause.

Whilst you are jumping for joy or biting your nails in fear, you’ll be raising money for people out there who really
need it. Take part in one of Islamic Help’s events this year. There is constantly a line-up of events that you can take part in. From bungee-jumping to mountain climbing, washing cars to marathon running – there is sure to be a challenge you are prepared to do in order to raise money for a good cause!

So come on! Put your fears aside and join in its bid to raise funds for various campaigns to help those in need around the world.

What are you waiting for? Get your trainers on and move this way.

But remember… Only the real brave ones take part. Do you see that as a challenge?

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