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Countdown Ramadan Special: #Ramadan

4 th June, 2015

So, it’s that time of year again. The countdown to Ramadan.

The aim is to make this year even more productive than the last.

This time is key for your preparation for Ramadan and to start planning your month and goals. It is a prime time to get motivated and do whatever you can to reap as much reward as you possibly can in this month. Let’s get together and make it our primary mission to be our best and do our best.

Whilst we are all aware that Ramadan is the month of fasting, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, this isn’t just refraining from food or drink. Fasting involves refraining from bad characteristics such as backbiting, lying, cheating, foul language and so forth. Your eyes, your mouth, your ears, your body fast in this month. This is why this month is so pure and spiritual as the mind is re-trained and re-energised. It isn’t about the physical aspect nor is it about any form of endurance; it is about disciplining and training the mind and purifying the soul.

Now, let’s get to the point – Ramadan is a month for giving. We all know charity is greatly rewarded in Ramadan, so this Ramadan, let’s put our minds together and get fund-raising!

To begin with, one of the important things to remember is that a schedule is important. During this month, your entire routine is restructured by prayers and fasting. You need to allow sufficient time for rest, daily prayers, suhoor (pre-dawn meal), iftar (evening meal), work, school, family time, visiting the mosque and duas (prayers/supplications).

So, for those of you who work or study, your afternoons at the weekend should be free, right? Or for the majority of us, at least. Now it is relatively easy to oversleep during Ramadan and let’s admit it, we have all done it at some point. But this Ramadan, let’s open our eyes to a different world. Let’s aspire to be the difference in someone else’s world, not only in this month but also beyond. Whilst we can rest assured that our iftar will be ready and waiting for us, there are many around us who cannot even relate to that feeling.

There are so many campaigns that you could get involved in. You could volunteer your time, donate funds or you could organise a fund-raising event of your own! Whatever you decide to do, make the most of this precious time we have and utilise it to help our fellow brothers and sisters. Get involved in one of Islamic Help’s various campaigns this Ramadan. Sponsor an orphan, concentrate on helping those in some of the world’s developing countries or even organise an iftar event in your local community to raise charity funds. You may find that you still want to make the time after Ramadan to keep this rewarding act in your schedule.

With so much unity between us, there is no end to what we can achieve.

Let the countdown begin.

14 Days* until Ramadan 2015! Let’s do this.
(*Subject to moon sighting)