CAKE. CAKE. CAKE – Get Your Dough On

2 nd December, 2015

Knew it! We had you at “cake” didn’t we? The delicious word jumped out the screen and attracted you, so now we know we have your undivided attention.

So you have a sweet tooth then? Don’t we all…

So many of us are guilty of wanting to enjoy a nice, little sweet treat after a meal, aren’t we?

What if we told you that you could have the pleasure of the dessert but without the added side-helping of guilt? No such thing, right?


You can now eat for a good cause we’ll have you know because Islamic Help is launching a cake baking week this month and auctioning the cakes off on Facebook. The money that is raised from the sales of cakes will go towards orphans in need.

Not only is this beneficial for the adults who enjoy baking but you can get the children involved too! Now is a fantastic time to get the youngsters muddling in to help for a good cause; children helping children is a wonderful sight to behold.

So be it sprinkles, sweets, chocolate, the lot. Whatever takes your fancy – it works for us. (Just make sure it’s edible!)

So, what are you waiting for? Roll up them sleeves, put that dusty old apron on and get everyone involved. Let’s get this dough rolling!

Are you clueless as to where and how to start? All you need is a basic sponge recipe and a great imagination! Experiment! Make an almond cake, a coffee sponge, add cocoa powder in and make it a chocolate sponge! For an added twist with your chocolate invention, why not go all out and get nutty with it?
Sandwich it together with a thick spread of chocolate hazelnut spread and finish by frosting the sides and top with the same. Cover it in roasted, chopped almonds and stick it in the fridge. We know, Ferrero has nothing on you!

Or why not go all out with an old-school favourite; cornflake tarts! All you need is plain crushed cornflakes, melted butter, golden syrup, smooth raspberry jam and some ready-made sweet butter pastry cases. Ten minutes in the oven and a trip down memory lane. (Remember they’re for charity, not for you to eat – sorry!)

So, what are you waiting for? That cake isn’t going to make itself!

Bidders, are you ready?

Join Islamic Help to raise funds in a bid to help orphans this month. Click here or contact us for more details.



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