Around the World in 99 Seconds

20 th July, 2015

The team at Islamic Help is actively working to provide aid to developing countries around the world, and though much has been achieved since the beginning of our projects, we still need your help to make a difference.

Whether you choose to volunteer your time or make a financial donation, your efforts can and will go a long way in ensuring less fortunate individuals receive the support they need and deserve. If you’re unsure of what campaign to contribute towards, however, see just a few below, as we take you around the world in 99 seconds.

Rohingya Emergency Appeal

In Burma, thousands do not have access to essentials that we, today, take for granted. This also includes services vital for good health and a promising future, which is why Islamic Help is taking action. With your donation, we will work to ensure communities residing in Myanmar receive emergency relief aid, such as food packs and clean water, so they may have a brighter tomorrow.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Following the massive earthquake in Nepal, thousands of people are feared dead, with thousands injured, and homeless. This devastating natural disaster has taken its toll on communities who are now left without basic necessities, which is why Islamic Help is working on the ground to provide temporary shelter and supplies, all with your support.


Communities in Gaza are struggling daily to rebuild their lives, all without the essentials we have grown so used to having today. Committed to assisting individuals in their journey to a more hopeful future, with your support, the team continue to deliver emergency medical kits, as well as reaching out to local organisations to supply them with the basic provisions so desperately needed in this area.

You can find out more about each of these campaigns by clicking on the links provided, or you can contact Islamic Help directly through the website if you’d like to inquire about volunteer work or making a donation. As a charity, we urge people to spare time and pennies to support a worthwhile cause; even the smallest contribution will go a long way in helping not just individuals, but communities, develop.



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