Islamic Help

A star of Islamic Help’s Cricket Academy

2 nd October, 2014

Mohammad Parvez Ahmed is a classic example of how Islamic Help’s Cricket Academy for Street and Underprivileged Children in Bangladesh is transforming the lives of young people. The academy, established in 2011, looks after 50 children at any one time and combines specialist coaching and training with education to build their confidence, self-belief and self-esteem.

It is a combination that brings purpose and respect into the lives of boys who might otherwise end up on the ‘wrong side’ of life and the law.

Like many street children Mohammad, nicknamed Joy, seemed destined to wander through life with little sense of purpose. His one passion was cricket and it was this that brought him to our academy. Initially uneasy and shy, he struggled to understand that the combination of sport and education was a necessary partnership for progression. Once he had come to terms with that though, he flourished in his sporting and educational activities..

“Mohammad a latent talent who is industrious and quick to resolve mistakes”  Cricket coach

Mohammad has become one of the academy’s top performers and attracted the attention of national sports development coaches, opening the prospect of showing off his talents at the highest levels