Islamic Help

2015: Year of Soils

20 th May, 2015

This year, we have the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the world.

So much has already been done to support those in developing countries, but there is still a lot to do in order to foster community-wide growth, economic development, and, of course, sustainable environments.

And what better way to celebrate the Year of Soils (2015) than by volunteering your time or donating to a good cause, with even better outcomes for those less fortunate than ourselves.

At Islamic Help we’ve been working on the ground in many developing countries, to ensure they receive provisions that are essential to their communities. This isn’t our only vision though, as, in areas like Tanzania, we have started numerous projects to help cultivate a sustainable environment for villages.

An example is our #TreeTuesdays project, which was created with the intention that communities would benefit from, among many other things, clean air and livelihoods. In this area, we have also built an entire village with eco-friendliness in mind, to help preserve the green acres it is set against. Its permaculture farm will provide a lot of opportunities in the way of stable work for residents.

With our Eco Village, our aims are simple; to provide children with the tools both physically (i.e. education) and psychologically (i.e. emotional support) to excel in adulthood and life.

Though we have done a lot in this area, Islamic Help still needs your help to provide the Eco Village in Tanzania with essentials to further improve the development of its backdrop and its residents.

So, see our site for more details on how you can donate both your time and money to a cause that needs your support. Alternatively, you can get in touch today if you have any specific queries.

We look forward to celebrating the Year of Soils with you and making a difference in the lives of those struggling in developing countries so that they may have a better tomorrow.

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