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Skydive 2018

A NOTE FOR FEMALE PARTICIPANTS: The quota for women taking part in this event is now full. The limit for the number of women taking part on any one day is set by the company which provides female instructors for the skydive, and not by Islamic Help. If you still wish to take part, we will contact you once you have registered, to arrange an alternative date (subject to availability). 

Dare to reach for the clouds and then take the plunge? With the sky above and the ground just a few thousand feet below!

It’s our charity Skydive Challenge, an adventure not for the faint-hearted but certainly for those willing to help others. You’ll be strapped to a training instructor and parachute as you hurtle earthwards before a gentle descent and feet landing on the ground.

It’s in aid of our Birth campaign for Syrian refugee mothers and their new-borns. Registration is just £50 and you need to raise £500 towards the cause. Places are limited so book yours NOW!