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Sahara Desert Trek 2016

Salaams. Thank you for visiting my page. Before you leave please do read as to why I am doing this below and please please contribute in any way possible. Thank you.

I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice, and now my next big challenge!! 

I will be trekking the Sahara Desert in order to raise money for an orphans Eco Home based in Tanzania. This project is one that is dear to me, as I have seen it from the beginning, to how it is progressing now.

There are 313 shares of the Orphans Eco-Home, each worth £192, please donate whatever you can. I am looking to raise a minimum of 10 shares as my target.

Be part of the 313 who will either donate or raise £192 to help me build an Orphans Eco-Home in Tanzania. Let this eco-home for orphans be a legacy that you help leave behind which benefits you in the hereafter, for every orphan child that sleeps, eats, drinks, prays, studies and lives in the home you help build, you will be rewarded for.

Donate today and make this a reality for an orphan child. 

You can watch a documentary about the Orphans Eco-Village and Eco-Homes here: 

You can read an information pack about the Orphans Eco-Village here:

Please share this page and encourage others to donate as well.
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You can either create your own or choose another project to donate.

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