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Orphans Umrah 2017

As Salaam ulaikum.
Inshallah I will be heading out to Jordan to take 250 blessed Orphans to Umrah with Islamic Help. On this blessed trip there will also  be 35 disabled children accompanying us.
I am emailing you as you have supported Islamic Help previously and especially with alot of projects I have emailed you about in the past with.
So forgive me as this is quite late and I do apologise but I want to give you the opportunity to take on board of sponsoring one orphans journey which is £100. This trip which will include:
  • Gifts for the orphan ( Masala, Tasbeh, Dates, Zamzam water)
  • Food. (twice a day, healthy nutritious meals)
  • Spending money so they can bring back gifts for their mother and siblings.
  • Spending money for themselves so they can spend freely in Makkah and Medina.
**This project is so that the orphans journey is made easier and there for I have 250 blessed orphans I would like to make sure we have covered.
The cost of living in Jordan at the moment is very expensive and equivalent to the UK as the pound is weak against the Jordanian Dinar (JD). It’s £1 to 0.83JD. So £10 would be 8.30JD, £100 = 83JD.
Further the Jordanian Dinar is the equivalent of 1JD to 1 Riyal. So in Makkah 1 cup of tea cost about 3 Riyals and Zam Zam water is 20 Riyals. This is to just give you an idea.
Would you be interested in donating £100 for this? 
**Whilst I am there I will do my very best to give personal feedback myself to you as I will be traveling as well. With your generous donation please send me your duas that you would like myself and the orphans to 
make for you and your family members whilst performing Umrah and whilst we are in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.
 Please do not let this opportunity pass by as we leave in January.
Contact me and let me know how you feel inshallah.

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