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As salamu alaykum

Having lost my own mother at an early age I know the value of a parent. As you have previously may, or may not seen. I am doing my best to make sure we can provide a safer, and a better world for our children, especially orphans. Nothing means more to me than this cause. Life will be difficult for these orphans, but this project I am pushing on strives to improve the livelihood of our orphan children who have lost the most important thing in their lives; their parents.
One child is orphaned every 22 seconds in the world. So we are currently trying to look after the orphans we do have. And what is the best way to give them a better future? education and shelter.Making a donation to our general orphans fund will mean that we can cover the cost of providing education, shelter, health and medicine and a chance of life.

War leaves children in the most vulnerable and most physiologically affected state. A few important features of the programme include:

  • Educating children to study their way out of poverty and become leaders in their communities
  • Psychological support for children who have been victims of war, disaster or suffering
  • Extra-curricular activities in addition to studies to help them develop mentally and physically outside of school
  • Proper mentoring provided to children with emotional issues and any other developments
  • Providing orphans with proper health care, routine check-ups and immunisations
  • Adequate shelter arrangement either at an orphanage or with a family 

Help me by just donating £20, that’s right £20. My target is £8,000.00. So I am asking you to help them.
Don’t miss your chance for just £20 to do a good deed, and you don’t know which of your deeds will help you.
Anything extra raised will go to the same cause.

I will provide general feedback when it is ready.

Sincerely thank you.


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