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Hi everyone,

I have signed up to take on a ZIP LINE challenge in Wales...not a normal zip’s the world’s fastest and longest zip line!!!

I hope the Zip Challenge will help me raise money to help the poor in Africa. My friend will be personally providing aid and support when he goes over in October. He is going with Islamic Help who have been successfully running this for many years now.

My friend is undertaking a project called 'MISSION POSSIBLE' in Tanzania. God willing, he will be part of Islamlic Help's deployment team, traveling to Africa, therefore with your generosity, I am hoping to reach my target goal of £500 and hopefully as a result help him reach his target goal of £5000 to help those in Tanzania. This fund-raising will enable the deployment team to effectively provide first-hand aid to those in need in Tanzania.

'MISSION POSSIBLE' is an incredible programme, undertaking a number of tasks including providing education in local schools and orphanages to malaria prevention and livelihood projects. Last year he was apart of a team that built toilets in a school for the kids and also the village, as they had no access to toilets, instead used holes in the ground which led to diseases. we also built two 5000 litre tanks for water as everyone in the village would have to travel 3 miles to get dirty water to drink. This programme aims to make long term changes to the lives of people in Tanzania, using methods such as education as-well as immediate relief in the form of food and water and many other projects in order to bring a better way of living for these brothers and sisters. Due to this incredible nature of this project I hold it very close to my heart, therefore I would like emphasise that any contributions made will mean a great deal.

As result all donations would be greatly appreciated and put to good use helping the people in Tanzania. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and ask that if and where possible you would be willing to spread this message amongst your family and friends.

Once again thank you for your help and support and feel free to contact me for further info.


P.S. This cause is eligible for Zakat donations and 100% of the money raised will go to the poor.

Mission Possible
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Mission Possible

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