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Winter appeal for Syrian refugees

As Salaam ul Alykum.

I need to tell you my story so you can understand what I felt.

Seeing first hand how severe it is for the Syrian people, its tough knowing how worse the conditions for them will still be.

I am not a parent, so I cant imagine how hard it must be to see your child in a state of sadness that you cant do anything about. The first person I picked up from the rafts in Greece, was a two year old Syrian baby. Her clothes were completely wet, probably from the boat capsizing and she was shivering. She was not crying, and she hardly moved. I remember looking at this tiny person with these blue eyes and I couldn't hold back my tears. Her mother handed her to me, as we helped them off the boat. I remember changing her within my hooded top to keep warm and holding on to her so tightly.

 Once we got to the the tents we changed her clothes with warmer ones and gave her some water. Still fighting tears, I gave her back to her mother and she saw I was upset. Whats amazing was that she touched my shoulder and said, "Shukran, thank you". I didn't feel worthy of this at all.

As part of our Syrian Refugees Winter Crisis Appeal, Islamic Help is planning to distribute vital aid to 1,500 refugee families, representing 10,000 individuals, in Akkar and the Beka Valley in Lebanon.

Each family will receive one week’s supply of bread, one week’s supply of gas for fuel and one blanket.

Your donations will go a long way towards helping us reach these families in need.

  • £10 - provides a Syrian refugee family with a week’s supply of bread OR 2 weeks of baby milk
  • £50 - provides a family with one week’s supply of bread and gas or firewood for heating & blankets.
  • £100 - will give a family enough to survive for 2 weeks with the above rations.
Please do what you can and help in any way. We need to help for there survival.

Thank you
SY Emergency Appeal
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SY Emergency Appeal

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