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Sky Dive for Africa

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

You've guessed it! I'm doing a skydive for Africa!

The money raised will go towards the following projects:
Malaria Prevention
Livelihood Projects
Community Awareness Projects
Water Solutions
Environmentally Sustainable Projects
Supporting Schools

Please donate as much as you can to help build a better future for those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Remember - whatever you donate in this beautiful month of Ramadan will be multiplied in'shaa'Allah!

The sky dive will take place on the 16th of July in'shaa'Allah.

May Allah SWT reward every penny you donate, Ameen.

JazakAllah and make dua!


Mission Possible
All funds will go to

Mission Possible

General Donations

Funds Raised

This project has now finished.

You can either create your own or choose another project to donate.

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