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Sisters Bootcamp

TARGET: £2,500

A collaboration between Islamic help and the “mix it up studio” has allowed this unique opportunity for a sisters only boot camp to begin.  This opportunity is strictly for sisters providing a suitable environment for women full of equipment to accommodate individual needs.

A qualified level 3 personal trainer will run the boot camp setting individual targets and giving nutritious guidance throughout the course of the camp. You will be measured on the first and last day of the boot camp including before and after pictures (only if you feel comfortable) to see results.

The registration fee is £100 and we hope that each individual can also raise funds to ensure we reach our target of £2,500 by the end of the boot camp.  

Islamic help will allocate the money to the birth campaign, where expecting mothers will have a better chance to safe births in sanitised and fully equipped  environments. The funds will cover hospital and delivery costs and provide mothers and babies with essentials such as sanitary towels, baby milk, clothes and even food items. We need your support! Donate to this cause and provide a better chance of survival for Syrian mothers and their babies allowing them to truly enjoy these moments of new life, it should not be a time of pain and sadness. Let us make a change together.

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We as a group will  decide what we would like to spend the raised money on:

£150 = Mothers and babies essentials

£300= Baby milk for 60 children

£400= 1 weekly premature baby care

£1000 = Birth and family aftercare

£4,000= 2 Caesarean births & family aftercare

£10,000= 5 Caesarean births & family aftercare  

Click the link below for more details about the birth campaign:

For more information please contact: 

Islamic Help Staff Member -
Haseebah - 07704791353

Personal Trainer -
Ayesha - 07584125850 

Birth Campaign
All funds will go to

Birth Campaign

Emergency Appeal

Funds Raised

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