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Raising money for Mission Possible !

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". 

I will be joining an aid deployment group with Islamic Help in AUGUST 2018 to distribute much needed aid to African families. I ask you to look at your hearts and test how much you can open them.
Atrocities associated with human suffering all across the world have unfortunately been seen all too often. You see and hear about the horrible situations people are living in and of course you sympathise, but you can’t truly understand what they’re going through until you see it with your own eyes. 
The distance from these tragedies means you feel a responsibility but don't feel like you can help them. But we can - rather than just sending funds I want to sacrifice my time to be on the ground helping to create a better tomorrow for those in desperate need of it.
No one will ever become poor by donating, only richer - in wealth and in the hearts of the people whom you help. They will send their blessings and be grateful of the way in which you helped them for the rest of their lives to feel like they do deserve exactly the same as us. 
I want to make my father's dreams come true and do everything we said we would together, please open your hearts and help me on my journey. 

Mission Possible
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