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Refugee Babies

Asalamu Alikoum Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Expecting a baby used to be one of the most exited and happiest moment within a woman her life, but for thousands of young pregnant refugee womans within, Jordanian, Lebanese and Turkish refugee camps is the reality far from exitement and happiness . Everyday their are a averange 30 refugee womans within Jordan refugee camps that are giving birth and a further 40 young womans within Lebanese refugee camps, and for many, many of these young womans is it nearly impossiable to cover the costs of a hospital.

With basically no finanical support and the lack of any kind of medical faciliets The birth of a child doesn't only place burdens on a family but brings also the risk of endaring the baby's and the young mothers life. Only Jordanian refugee camps are counting nearly a 3 million refugees of which 630.000 are Syrians who fled the conflict of their nation. Many of these (Especially those in unoffical refugees camps) face a shortages of the essentials of life including water, food and a shelter which are all a high proirty for each pregnant woman to take care for herself and after giving birth also for her child.

With no good hyganic save place to stay and giving birth to their child are many many young womans facing on daily base the hardship and harsh reality as refugee and the endaring risk for their baby and their own life simply because they are unable to use hospital facilities. With my own charity "Refugee baby's " (founded by me) do i raise my voice for all these thousands young mothers in refugee camps which are not capeable to do so within Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon who are about to become mother or who did became a mother, simply because i find that each woman has the right on a save and hyganic place to give birth with all the medicial facilities and help what they are needing, but also after giving birth do i find that each woman has the right on the further care within their first weeks after their pregnancy for theirselfs and their child.

Each dollar can make the difference and helps a young mother in a refugee camp. For only just 150,- does one mother has already the essentials that she needs for her and her baby, for example some clothing for her child or a blanket. And for 400,- can their be given 1 week premature baby care. Because my charity is directly linked to islamic help goes each dollar donated directly for the fully 100% to the birth campain from Islamic help so that they can use ur donation directly for a young mother in need and her baby . Trough their birth program does covers Islamic help the hospital and delivery costs but also the immedate aftercare costs for such a things like sanitary items, food and other items needed for both, mother and child.

So please help "Refugee Babies' and make a donation and support the birth campaign from Islamic help that supports Syrian mothers and babies in refugee camps.

This is how much your donation can make a difference:
£150 – Mother & Baby Essentials
£300 – Baby Milk for 60 Children
£400 – 1 Week Premature Baby Care
£1,000 – Birth & Family Aftercare
£4,000 – 2 Caesarean Births & Family Aftercare
£10,000 – 5 Caesarean Births & Family Aftercare

But even 50 cent or one dollar can make already a difference, so don't wait and be a young mother and her baby's savior. Because each human life matters, so also these from a refugee baby. Personally i really can't imagine myself one day to give birth to my first child without any hyganic place to give birth a shelter or medical faciliets and help whenever it goes wrong. These thoughts to me are a nightmare which i never hope to face and realizing that daily thousands of young womans are facing my nightmare simply because its theire reality breaks my heart and thats why i want to reach out and help these womans and theire babies in need and i believe that together we can.

Thank u so, so much for your attention, help, hearing me out and support, this silence crisis we might can't stop but together can we make the difference. May allah bless you.

Sincerly, Layla.
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