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Raising Medical Funds for Mum paralysed In Car Accident

Sfia Nekhla lives in Meknes, Morocco.  In March 2018, Sfia was involved in a car accident which has changed her life irreversibly. During this accident, Sfia broke her wrist, deeply cut her head from side to side and broke her neck.  It started with her not being able to feel her legs. Then gradually this started to spread. Last week, almost 6 months after the accident, Sfia was labelled quadriplegic.


Sfia lives in a modest family home in Morocco with her husband, son and two daughters.  Her husband is retired and her son (Yassine) is the family’s only means of income. With just a Moroccan income to get by this family is seriously struggling.  100% of Yassine’s income is spent on the medical and other needs of Sfia and his family. But these needs are not being met. Sfia has not left her bed except for panicked trips to hospitals when something else is going wrong.  To turn her into various positions, her family use blankets underneath her to attempt to drag her body. Being a diabetic, Sfia is also susceptible to pressure ulcers (bed sores). The picture you see below is a pressure ulcer at the base of her back that will not heal.


What Sfia needs is the proper medical equipment necessary for her to have any quality of life again.  She needs an electric wheelchair catered for quadriplegics. She needs a bed which can be moved mechanically so she can change positions without being dragged by blankets.  She needs a shower chair so she can stay clean and have pride. She needs a mattress that won’t cover her body with sores because of lying in the bed too long. She needs a lifting sling so she can leave her bed without risking her life.  All of these are impossible to afford without outside help. Any donations you can give would help ease Sfia’s life dramatically. Thank you so much in advance and I hope Sfia’s story reaches your hearts.



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