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As you may or may not know, I have been with Islamic Help for around 8 years. Through my University education, to working through my professional career. To finally working for this great cause.

Nothing means more to me than helping. One project I have been given is that of Orphan Education. Education is important for Pakistan's progress.  After  a rapid need assessment we have identified the 600 most deserving orphan students in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Balakot and Rawalakot  AJK. All the identified students are orphan children and needs special attention. IH wants to ensure that the supported children have the same self respect in schools as their fellow students have. IH is planning to provide  support to the poorest families and reduce their cost on children’s education as in most of the cases mothers  headed families  cannot afford their kid education's expenses. Keeping in view the prevailing poverty leading to the lower self esteem of the children ultimately resulting in their dropout from the schools. IH proposes to provide school kits to 600 most deserving  orphan children in the schools.

IH has designed a  complete School kit fulfilling the educational needs of the deserving students keeping in view the component of Students health and personal Hygiene as well. The school kits will not only  equip the student to perform better in the academics   but will also aid the parents to spend no extra expenses on children education for the provision of these of these much needed items which have been included in the school kit.

The project in total will cost £10,000.00 and this will help 600 children.

Please donate what you can. We can make this happen for children.

Zohab Musa Donor Relations Manager

Pakistan Education
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Pakistan Education

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