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Naved Maruf Mount Snowdan mountain climb

Assalamu alaykum, Brothers and sisters, 

On the 23rd of september I with other Challney students and teachers will be climbing Mount Snowdon for the soul purpose of showing
our support to war torn countries. These countries are in desperate need for our help and it is important we show our support. 
There are people who are severely disabled and have no support. There are people who do not know when their next meal will be served. 
Could we ever Imagine ourselves in that situation? 

That's why I believe we should firmly at least consider donating to this cause not in support of me but in support of the people who struggle 
every single day of their lives and to promote world peace. Isn't that worth something standing for. To show you the struggles people go through I shall leave a link down below. I must state it is extremely disheartening to think people go through this pain. Thank you very much for taking the time to read what I will be doing for charity.
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