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A Mosque In Memory of Nabil Hussain

It is coming up to the first anniversary of my late husband Nabil's passing away and in his memory and to continue his legacy, I have pledged to help build a mosque. With your help, I am aiming to raise enough money to have a mosque built in Tanzania.

Nabil was deeply loved by his family and friends. We miss him immensely. He had a vibrant personality and his passion and energy would have a positive effect and rub off on those around him. Nabil, sadly, is no longer with us but has left us memories of a loving, caring and compassionate husband, son, brother, human being.

I ask you to please donate whatever you can, however little, to help me fulfill this pledge on behalf of Nabil so that he is blessed with the continuous good deeds [Sadaqah Jaariyah]. These blessings will be not only for Nabil but for everyone who has contributed in any way to provide beneficiaries with a place to pray.

Jazakallah Khair.

Your sister,

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