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Hasan Iqbal - Mount Snowdon Trek

On 23rd - 25th September I am hoping to complete my 5 hour trek to the top of Mount Snowdon. I am doing this trek because I am hoping to raise at least £500 for War Torn Orphans and the disabled people in Syria. 

A young girl named Jude is a orphan in Palestine and she lost her father in a Motorbike accident. Jude never got to meet her father and her father never met her. A volunteer for Islamic Help went to visit Palestine and when they first saw Jude they said she immediately stood out from all the rest. They spend hours to try to get to know her but the main point they picked up was Jude never smiled at all. Jude had forgotten how to smile.

Hundreds and thousands of orphans need our help, so please help complete me trek and raise my target for these vulnerable children.

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