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Mission Possible - Afshah and Laila help to deliver projects for poor communities in Tanzania

 Hi everyone! Welcome to our online donation page. We will be taking part in a fantastic project called 'Mission Possible' which is a volunteer-based campaign introduced by Islamic Help which involves a 10 day deployment to Tanzania.

We will be raising £5000 each, hosting a range of events and activities to raise the money and then travelling to where relief aid is greatly needed. We embark on a journey that takes us thousands of miles away from home and into a completely new country, where we team up with like-minded individuals and distribute aid door to door (which we would have raised the money for). As a result of our efforts, we can witness and experience first-hand the difference we have made by providing assistance to people in desperate need of our help. 

Have a look at the official Mission Possible page if you wish to read more information :

We will be part of delivering many projects in one of Tanzania's poorest village Pangani, where we will be involved with the following aid work:

Projects range from:

Visiting and helping at 'Eco Village' designed for Orphans to live, learn and grow in. 
Providing / building rainwater
Harvesting system ( Which collects clean rain water)
Malaria prevention kits
Livelihood projects (providing livestock, bee hives, solar panels)
Education (Providing stationary / refurbing schools)
Sanitation (Providing / building toilets)

The money we raise will  go towards these projects that we will be carrying out ourselves. We will also be involved in budgeting where we will organise where we will use the funds raised, which is really good to know where and how the funds have been used and for me and Laila to be able to actually do the work with our own hands, and see it in action is amazing. 

I hope to be setting up a blog page soon I.A  so you can follow our journey if you like and keep up with any fundraising activities we will be holding, and our actual journey out in Tanzania...(if we have access to wifi...... if not will blog when we get back )

Here is a video of the project if the media section doesn't work:


Thank you for visiting our page and Please do donate if you are able to! God bless
Mission Possible
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Mission Possible

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