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Mission Possible 2016

This August I will be delivering aid in East Africa with Islamic Help. This project is focused on enabling those in need to become self-sufficient.

Your donations will make a permanent change to people lives.

If you are donating zakat, please let me know the amount as I will need to ensure it is used in the prescribed way.

How will the money be used?

Water Harvesting Systems: There are people there who currently walk 5-10 miles each day to collect polluted water. Average income is £3 per week. A water harvesting system collects clean rain water and also reuses water from houses (excluding the toilet) for watering crops.

Livelihoods: Poultry and livestock are bought and allocated to local families so that they can generate an income. Contracts are agreed so that the offspring of the livestock are then passed on to a new beneficiary. Similarly with bee hives and honey boxes, beneficiaries can cultivate the honey and sell it on in local markets.

Planting Trees: Deforestation is banned but the locals are reliant on trees for fuel so they continue to burn them down. If this practice continues, they risk a collapse of the local eco-system. For example deforestation can cause trees to no longer evaporate groundwater, which can cause the local climate to be much drier. Trees for Change aims to redress some of that by planting a variety of species and creating protected zones.

Mission Possible
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Mission Possible

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